Specifications :

The orifice plate with flange assemblies is employed for measuring the rate of flow or quantity of moving fluids like liquids, gases, or vapors.


The orifice plates are designed as per BS1042-1981 / ISO 5167 & L K. SPINK STANDARDS.


When a device such as an orifice plate in a pipeline through which a fluid is flowing, as static pressure difference exists between the upstream side & the downstream side of the device is geometrically similar to one on which direct calibration has been made, the conditions of use being the same, the rate of flow may be determined from a knowledge of the circumstance under which the device is being used.

Technical Specification :


  • ➩ Orifice Plate : SS 316/ SS 314/ Monel
  • ➩ Line Size: 15 NB TO 600 NB
  • ➩ Flanges : ASTM-A-105/A182 /S 316/SS 314/ Monel.
  • ➩ Optional: IBR Approved FLANGES
  • ➩ TYPE of Flanges: Weld Neck /Slipon /Socket – Weld
  • ➩ Type of Tapping : Flange Taps / Corner Taps / Radius Taps
  • ➩ Size of Taps: 1/2 INCH NPT (F)
  • ➩ Studs / Bolts : ASTM-A-193 GR B7
  • ➩ Nuts : ASTM-A-193 GR 2H
  • ➩ Gasket : Spiral Wound /Caf/ Teflon
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